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Block Booking Classes means to Pre-Book. The Block of Classes come in a package of 4. If you choose to block book , those 4 classes must be consumed within 4 weeks, one week following the other.

There are two classes a week, on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, both north and south Dublin. If a class is missed, you can take the class on the other day of that week.  If you are unable to do that, then you can take two classes the following week to make up for lost time. If this is not possible, then 

that class payment is lost.


All Public Class Payments , Block or Drop-Ins, can be paid online , or by cash on the day of the first class, or before.




Deposit's and balances for wellness days and weekend retreats can be paid online, by cheque, or postal order.

All Balances must be paid up in full , before, or by the 4th day of the wellness day or/and weekend retreat. This can be done online, by cheque, or postal order.


Each person - student/client/participant at every Chroi Yoga  class, workshop,wellness day, or/and weekend retreat , is always treated with total respect (ahimsa) at all times.

Each person - Chroi Yoga student/client/participant treats the other in the group with total respect at all times .

Each person-student/client/participant treats all the yoga teachers and facilitators of Chroi Yoga with total respect at all times.

If anyone is misbehaving or causing any distress to anyone in the class -group , they will be asked to leave. 



Chroi Yoga's mission is to bring a peaceful, safe and yoga learning space for all, with a professional and ' wholistic '  approach, where health and well-being is always key.