I started yoga classes with Christina Breen in the Margaret Alyward Centre, Glasnevin, Dublin in early Feb, 2020.

I hadn’t practiced any physical yoga for years, but really wanted to get back to it. Christina's classes are very enjoyable, even though some of the poses are strong for me, but this is when Christina's reminds me to ease back a bit, or rest, or sometimes giving me another alternative to the pose.  Her instructions are clear, slow and mindful.

 The beautiful centre is surrounded by fabulous nature , with a lovely view from the studio of parkland & trees  which I find very relaxing.

Christina is encouraging and allows everyone to stay within their level of agility.

I always feel stretched, more aligned  and relaxed after her classes.

Nuala Garrett

Feb, 2020.



I would like to say a few words of appreciation for my yoga teacher Christina Breen, who teaches at the Margaret Aylward Centre ,Glasnevin, Dublin on Wednesday evenings.

For the last three years I’ve been following Christina to different venues, before then I was searching for a devoted and skillful teacher in Dublin.

Now I can say,  I couldn’t have found a better instructor than Christina, due to her vast experience and one-of-a-kind personalised attention to different body types.

Her classes have greatly impacted my day-to-day life in a positive way, both in physical strength in my body, and in a spiritual way also within myself.



Anna Velychko

Feb, 27th 2020.,




"Thank you Christina for all your wonderful yoga classes over the last 1.5 years on Dublin North Side. It's a great space for me to step into each week knowing that the nurturing I get from the practice itself is very uplifting for me. It helps to keep everything in perspective. It also has been a great boost for keeping my once high cholesterol, now to the lower side - which is what initially brought me to

yoga in the first place , as my Doctor had suggested it for my cholesterol. And I love the fact that the yoga practice you instruct is a very mindful, slower based one, as it helps me to connect more to my body".


Nov, 2018.

"I have known Christina professionally for the past seven years, when in 2011 she first introduced me to children's yoga teaching. I attend her yoga classes twice a week on Dublin north side which I love, as it gives me another time and space to self-care. Her classes are a mix of flexibility and relaxation, with a mindful/embodied approach. Each time leaving her class feeling more grounded with added clarity and control. Recently I attended one her wellness days in Clare which was such a treat, leaving everything at home and at work and just stepping into a day of nourishing my own soul. Christina's approach is very wholistic and professional.

I also enjoy greatly a weekly home massage from Christina, which aids my tiredness and stress in body-mind. Highly recommend her for all above".


Dec. 2018.


If you're looking for peace, stress relief, dedicated  yoga teacher and gentle workout - Chroi Yoga is for you.

Christina knows her job and is a very professional teacher , with a different kind of yoga teaching approach.

Yoga with slower pace of institutions and movements ,breath work, safely stretching in alignment , and relaxation . You can breathe the peace that Christina's teaching instructions can give you!

She meets each student at his/ her own level, and clearly sees your needs and strengths with honest & gentle guidance. 

I work in a very demanding job as accountant for big corporate company and was looking for a yoga class with more mindful instructions for years.

I tried all variations yoga, even  "aerobic yoga’’,  until 2 years ago I found Chroi Yoga and Christina on Dublin North Side,  and I fell in love with it.

After Chroi Yoga classes I feel so  vitalized. While in class - being encouraged to the best of my ability .

Now practicing more than 2 years, I gain so much from the experience. After my twice weekly  class, I go back home with at least one thing that is a wonderful little drop of inner knowledge that stays with me for weeks. I also sleep better, make better diet choices, feel longer in my spine & stronger in my core.

Christina is so passionate about helping all yogis develop on their path, and I feel so blessed to have found her.

Thank you Christina". 


Dec. 17th, 2018.

"Christina planned and facilitated a Mindfulness through Art Workshop in Hope Cottage last September 2018 for 12 people.  Hope Cottage is a Kildare based service which supports family members who are impacted by a loved one's alcohol / drug misuse.  The morning contained introductions, meditation to commence followed by Art, the session ended with reflection and a guided meditation. Christina was very engaging, warm, soft spoken and knowledgeable facilitator , and very professional in her approach.  All our participants really engaged and took some very valuable information and tips away that they can apply to their daily lives.  It was a very practical, thought provoking and helpful session.  Participants all felt extremely comfortable been part of the group".  

   'An excellent session - enjoyed by all - highly recommend'.


Noreen Ardill,

Regional Family Support Coordinator,

Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force

Hope Cottage,

Kill, Co. Kildare.

Jan. 2019.

"I have been attending Christina’s retreats and wellness days from the beginning - over 5 years ago. I have found them to be both relaxing and stimulating and can honestly say that I always leave them feeling more content and at peace. Not only does Christina lead the sessions professionally and sensitively; the opportunity to interact with other attendees is also a tremendous plus. I would wholeheartedly recommend both the wellness days and retreats, based on my own positive experience".


Jan. 2019.

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