Wellness days are available for any work groups, ie; those in offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, charities, retirement groups ,sports clubs & tour groups from Ireland or abroad.


The day can be planned over a half day schedule, full day, or half or full weekend. They can take place in a hotel, studio, community center, rented cottage/house, or even on a boat. 

A programme will be set out for the needs of your group due to their interests.

Taking a wellness day/weekend retreat  helps your group to rejuvenate, and gives some time to recover from the demands of work and home life. It helps to reduce stress and nourish  the well-being of each participant. 

Its a bonus to any organisation to have health and well-being as part of their work ethic within their company. 



A specific plan can be tailored to the needs of your group, however, this is just a sample guide below:



    Gentle Yoga Movements

  • Tennis

  • Barge Tours

  • Seated Meditation

  • Afternoon Tea 

  • Art/Craft  Work

  • Essential Oils

  • Chair Massage (outside company)

Full costs depends on numbers, planning hours, material expenses, including travel ,the requirements and hours  requested for each group. If you would like a musician to attend also, that will be an additional cost.

Please go to the contact page re further inquiries, and a plan will be set in place for your group.

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