Yoga for Sports is open to all athletics from all sports. Yoga is a great accompaniment for all physical activities as it
increases your sense of focus and what is happening in your body, while allowing you space to listen to your body.

The physical practice helps to bring flexibility, alignment and core
strength to the body, while lengthening and relaxing the muscles. The mindful breathing and breathing exercises help to regulate the
breathing more effectively. The relaxation at the end of every class
,helps you to completely let go and rest which is also vital for
overall recovery and well-being.

The yoga classes can be tailored to suit the various sports, or given
to a mixed group of athletics coming from various sports backgrounds.
Classes can also be tailored and delivered privately - one to one at
your home or at the studio, or ,in a group class at your club or the
studio.  All abilities catered for. 

Benefits of yoga for athletics:


  • Less injuries.

  • Recover quicker.

  • Mobility improvement.

  • Healthier Breath Control.

  • Increases Lung Capacity & Endurance.

  • Body Awareness.

  • Develops and Improves Focus.

  • Overall Better Performance.

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